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Case Presentation

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Case presentation
Case presentation
Identifying information
Paulina is a 30-year-old female client who is also married with one kid. She was referred for evaluation by the family physician who she has been regularly consulting. Currently, she works as a doctor in one of the state level hospital in Texas. She has been under pressure due to the high demand for her job and the stress she undergoes when carrying out her duty as a medical practitioner. First, she had the passion for her job, and she used to achieve very high evident in the many lives she saved and a large number of patients who could see her on a daily basis. Contrary, of late her performance has been deteriorating, and she longer performs the way she used to do something that has caused her recent feeling of worthlessness. She lately feels ashamed and is worried about her future career as a medical practitioner.
Her strange feeling has made it difficult to settle at her place of work because she claims she feels tired whenever the time for her duty comes. In fact, her unusual behavior has caught the attention of her co-workers who have become concerned about what she might be going through. She could spend most her time at her house either sleeping or just watching television. Unlike what she used to do, Paulina often makes a phone call at her place of work and inform the management that she would not turn up for the job as she feels sick. The husband back at home has become worried too a…

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