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Business plan for coffee shop

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Business Plan for a Coffee Shop
Student’s Name
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Vancouver’s’ Finest Coffee Shop
Customer Segments
Most coffee lovers find it easy and more pleasing when coffee is delivered as they ordered and delivered right on time. According to various coffee consumers and retailers, the majority of people who consume more coffee in BC are those in white color jobs and law enforcers.
Customer Relation
Vancouver’s Finest Coffee deliberates to extend its services by delivering coffee products to white color civilians and law enforcers at their respective workplaces. Law enforcers and civilians working in offices, rarely find time to have a decent meal or pick a nice cup of coffee at his or her favorite joint due to reasons such as time, distance and demand at work.
Value Proposition
In order to attain a vast market, Vancouver’s Finest Coffee aims to reduce its products prices by five to ten percent less, depending on the prices indicated by other coffee joints.
Revenue Stream
The coffee shop will implement a “transaction revenue” method meaning that its customers will “pay on delivery.”
Vancouver’s Finest Coffee shop will use different platforms such as social media networks and billboards for its advertisements.
The shop will require coffee preparing machines and vehicles for delivering huge orders. Nonetheless, the business will need individuals who will work as drivers, deliverers, and attendants at…

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