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Business negotiation

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Business Negotiation
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Business Negotiation
Cross-cultural negotiations normally take place in business, and they need to be objective and strategic to ensure the intended message is passed. Even though closed-ended questions might be used, in most cases open-ended questions are used because of their benefits. These questions enable the parties involved in the negation to explain themselves extensively (DeFranzo, 2014). Since there maybe ideology, language, and even regional differences between the parties involved, this form of question enables the people involved to include extra information thereby creating understanding. Additionally, open-ended questions enable the parties involved to think freely and out of their cultural boundaries. They can then give unlimited responses a factor which eliminates all forms of errors.
Power distance can be defined as the state in which lower class people in the society perceive power to be distributed unequally. Power distance is relevant and therefore useful in a situation where business negotiation has to take place between parties of different regions. It ensures professionalism, accountability, and reliability are maintained. Because of the power distance, expectations of both parties are adequately met.
Anchoring refers to a situation where parties involved in a business negotiation try to establish a point or rather an ‘anchor’ in which the entire negotia…

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