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Business Annotated Bibliography

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Recommendation Letter
[Full Name of Current University]
[Complete Address, City Zip Code Country Name]
[Month Day, Year]
To Whom It May Concern,
As [Position of the Professor] at the [Name of Current University], I have had the pleasure to witness the formative years of Mr. [Name of Student] during his capacity building sessions conducted in the [Duration of degree] year progression towards the completion of his [Degree Title] Degree in [Degree Name]. During this time, Mr. [Name of Student] has consistently set high thresholds of academic performance and I shall gladly recommend him as a prospective candidate for the MBA program at your prestigious institute, the [Name of University applied].
I first accepted Mr. [Name of the Student] in my class of [Name of Subject Taught], and since then have taught and supervised multiple subjects and projects such as [Name of Project 1], [Name of Project 2], and [Name of Project 3]. During my [Number of Years] year experience with Mr. [Name of Student]; he has exhibited, in numerous instances, his unhindered resolve towards producing high-quality work. His punctuality, in addition to his accomplishments, such as, [Accomplishment 1] and [Accomplishment 2], further supplement the viability of his entry as a prospective asset for any organization.
I strongly support the candidacy of Mr [Name of Student] as his excellent character, with pervasive traits such as grit, persistence, and optimism, exemplifies his evidence-based approa…

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