Burning Mountain

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Burning Mountain

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The Review of the Burning Mountain
The play has been represented in a manner which portrays the real culture of the Korean people and how they relate socially. The scene created and the language used in the play has a significant role in making the reader understand how a relationship was viewed in the Korean society. The economic activities of the Korean people are also demonstrated in the play. The drama takes place at a time when Korea is undergoing major social and political changes. The major subjects covered in the drama are the role of traditional value, the internal cultural practice of the Korean and its importance to the society. The play is also decorated with modern innovation in the Korean drama.
The drama is not limited just to the Korean audiences but also discusses all-embracing themes of cultural diversity, fidelity issues, the difficulty of sexual and interpersonal relationship, and the position of females in a growing society. The play demonstrates how women are limited by the traditional beliefs and cultures in a society that is yet to be modernized. The play summarises the evolution of the Korean drama. The play also demonstrates how the Korean people related to the outside world like the Americans.
The book has been translated into English with a lot of caution to ensure that the message is conveyed without losing its meaning. Each work is situated critically, culturally and historically. It includ…

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