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Economic Transformations
Economic transformation is a vital aspect of both commercial growth and poverty reduction. Over the years, the US has undertaken various policies aimed at transforming the economy and improving the welfare of citizens. Strategies such as democracy and market revolution were all aimed at changing the marketplace.
Economic transformation entails the movement of labor from low to sophisticated, productive activities. It often takes place within and across the sectors of manufacturing, service provision, and agriculture (The American Yawp 1). Economic transformation is a crucial driver of commercial development.
In the early nineteenth century, economic transformation revolutionized the country. As opposed to undertaking agriculture for self-sufficiency, farmers started focusing on growing crops for profit. The rapid growth of factories, cities, and the ballooning of the middle class were the critical facets of economic transformation during this period.
In the Early Republic, economic transformation was characterized by the fight against slavery. Black activism was quite powerful during this era, which forced white leaders to use violence as a measure for reinforcing white supremacy (The American Yawp 1). Despite limiting the political and social lives of people of color, servitude came to an end with the emancipation of slaves.
During the market revolution, economic tran…

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