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Biology Article review

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Seizures in Babies
A seizure is an abrupt disruption of the normal elective functions of the brain, causing an alteration in the consciousness of an individual. Recurrent seizures may cause the brain to develop some disorders. One of the main disorders includes Epilepsy. Most seizures last for a duration of a few seconds. However, in rare cases, the disease may last for minutes (Volpe et al., 2018). This type of seizure is responsible for the life-threatening status of Epileptics. An epileptic causes continuous seizures, respiratory distress and loss of consciousness. Additionally, if the Epilepsy is non-conclusive, it may lead to an impaired vision and impaired physical coordination.
According to statistics, 4% of the children who are between six months and five years are affected by one type of seizure. In babies, it shows different signs depending on its type. Febrile seizures are characterized by the child rolling his or her eyes, and her limbs stiffening and jerking (Volpe et al., 2018). On the other hand, infants experiencing infantile spasms tend to bend forward or arch their backs as their limbs stiffen. This type of seizure is rare and happens to babies with 4 – 8 months.
There are several factors that are responsible for seizures in babies. One of its main causes is child’s early birth. If a child is born earlier than normal, he or she may experience bleeding in the brain (Volpe et al., 2018). Secondly, if the inf…

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