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Biography of Amy Tan

Amy Tan relationship with her mother shows clearly the relationship of reading and writing in developing successful life careers. Her mother was categorical in making sure that she becomes the best. Reading her confessions on the conflict that existed between her and her mom, causes the reader to go into deep logical thinking. Tan comparison of her experience with her mother to wintertide shows her deep reading culture at her workshop. This has helped her to produce good works in her writings. This is because good readers become the best thinkers to get the best of their works (Atmaja, 2017).
Parents and teachers do not have to develop genres but select particular areas that are going to help children to develop their writing skills. Prior to these specific areas of target helps to develop good writing skills needed to produce one of the best works in literature. This gives you a prior knowledge and a background check on the subject which is at hand. The short text on the different categories of workers shows the unanimous task in developing to the best in any area of expertise. Just like the three workers to be the best writing it requires the progression and a lot of concentration in doing specific literature (Ma 2013). No great work is going to be done by little investment, just like Amy Tan to come up with the best of the works she had to send a lot of time in her workshop reading the works and writin…

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