Assigment 3

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Assigment 3

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My Starbucks Idea
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My Starbucks Idea
My Starbucks Idea is a CRM system that Starbucks is using to increase its online presence. From case11-2, it is clear how the company has used the “My Starbucks Idea” to increase its online presence to the community and customers. Furthermore, the company is using the system in making its physical stores integrated with social media platforms such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and on the website of the system. Generally, the My Starbucks Idea aims to make the company focus more on the needs of the customers and how to address them than on itsown interests.
The Starbucks CRM system has made significant achievement to the company. For example, the system has enabled the company to get steady streaming of feedback from the customers and the idea that it can use to improve customer service. According to case study 11-2, the system has also enabled the company to strengthen its relationship with the customers, and this is how it has helped the bottom line.
The Starbucks CRM system uses Salesforce as the main software that runs the project. The software is integrated with interactive forums that make it easy for the company to increase the way in which it interacts with the community and also allow the customers to give their feedback easily. The Salesforce software has also enabled the company to integrate its physical stores with that on the online platform.
Typically, My Starbucks Id…

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