Assess Patients for Depression

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Assess Patients for Depression

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Depression for a long time has been a drawback to the effective self-care. This is especially seen with patients diagnosed with long-term illness or complication. During patient recovery process self-care plays an important role. One way of dealing with depression during self-care is the effective assessment. This paper takes a look at depression assessment on a liver patient. It employs various methods of analysis such as assessment observation based on depression scales and indexes. Several symptoms of depression such as withdrawal and forgetfulness are cited to be among the key signals of depression. This article also takes a critical analysis of some of the possible solution to depression. A connection between self-care and depression is also made in a bid to establish several details about depression and how it particularly affects this particular patient. Factors such as family, traditional and religion are some of the key contributors to the depression.
Keywords: Depression, Assessment, self-care, Cognition
Depression Assessment Article Review
The assigned article is about a liver transplant Mr. J who had received all the physical care that he needed for complete recovery after the transplant but was not successful in the efforts. The article claims that physical care and self-care work hand in hand in ensuring full patient recovery, safety and well-being. This was not the case with Mr. J who was unable to develop a prope…

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