Article Review on California Wildfires

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Article Review on California Wildfires

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Article Review on California Wildfires; the Numbers of Missing Falls to 25
California state has been reported to be receiving the highest number of wildfires that render them city to be the deadliest state for human survival. According to the BBC article, the number of people missing after the fatal fire was alarming, but lately, it fell sharply due to calls and emails for help. It was reported that the number of dead people became unchanged and we’re at 88 (BBC News n. p.).
Also, the campfire rendered the paradise town to be in a devastating situation concerning the sun Francisco effect that happened last month. It has also reported that the number of people who lost their homes amounted to 18,000 who said that they experienced the destruction of their homesteads (BBC News n. p.). The destruction of San Francisco is related to a fallen paradise since everything was burnt down to ashes leading to an evacuation order of people who reside in the area (BBC News n. p.). The area is also at risk of flash floods and mudslides due to the recent heavy rains that have been reported. Having found out that the fire broke out on 8th November, it is said to indicate that it’s destroyed thousands of thousands of residential regions that happened to be near the town (BBC News n. p.). The BBC article also outlined that the high calls of cries of the missing people have proven that California is at high risk of recurrent disasters…

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