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Article review constructedwetlands

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Article review; Constructed wetlands
The author addresses the crisis that the world is facing due contamination of the surrounding natural resources. In the arguments, the author state clearly that despite the fact that industries contribute to the high economic standards they can also have adverse impacts on the economy. Therefore there is a need to find a solution of controlling wastes from industries that pollute the environment. The technological ways of controlling pollution are expensive hence the need to come up with an alternative which is the construction of wetlands. The knowledge on wetlands is important so that most developing countries also get an alternative towards managing wastewaters.
The article examines wastewaters to be the major contributors to environmental pollution. There is a necessity to come up with improved ways of managing the waste from industries since they are a menace to the world (Ram, Gaurav, and Pankaj, 4). The common technological means used to control and manage wastewaters are expensive since they are heavy hydraulic machines. Therefore there is a need to use a cost-effective alternative to managing waste waters which affordable by even the developing countries. Construction of wetland is affordable by most countries, and it is efficient with limited demerits hence should be used to manage wastewaters.
Industries are essential, contributors to economic development since production and manufact…

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