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Seven Essential Technologies for Any Organization
In the wake of a swiftly changing world, new technologies have emerged and penetrated the market thus, ensuring an increase in the data agility, which is the center of an organizations success. Firstly, NoSQL databases have better scaling and high-speed capabilities. It also provides a more straightforward model regarding databases for documents. Secondly, real-time streaming platforms scale better than their forerunners at an even lower price. This also facilitates the faster launch of new products and quality improvement. Thirdly, containers and docker are capable of creating new varieties of infrastructure isolation hence, efficient. Besides, container repositories will enable machines configured to access them have an easier retrieval capability even across multiple data centers hence improving agility. Moreover, container orchestration makes it easier to launch, move, kill and even re-launch containers in another place. On the other hand, microservices is a technology utilized by the earlier mentioned technologies for scaling purposes, and this increases the data agility even further and this, therefore, improves the overall performance. And lastly, function as a service facilitates the conception of microservices in a manner that can be encoded in a sidecar or a shim, made into a container, implemented based on demand and then automatically load balanced. These seven technologies will in…

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