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Article Review
“Why N.Y. Lawmakers Think They Deserve a $50,000 Raise” is a New York Times news analysis article written by Jesse McKinley on 9 December 2018. The concept of legislators to give themselves a salary increase is always problematic in many states since the lawmakers must prove beyond reasonable doubt they deserve the salary increment. Therefore, McKinley set out to analyze the recommendations made by the special committee towards increasing the Albany lawmakers’ salary from the current 79500 dollars a year to about 130000 dollars a year by 2021 (McKinley). The article is informative and credible because it is organized as well as provides both sides of the argument.
The article is well written and organized logically. The author begins by outlining two important arguments of why the Albany lawmakers do not deserve an increase in pay. The first point is in regards to the public reputation of the Albany legislators, which has been tarnished by their corruption scandals, sexual reports harassments, groping as well as other ugly behaviors. The second important point is that the state legislature only meets from January to June, which labels them as part-time legislators (McKinley). In the second part of the article, the author highlights why the Albany lawmakers deserve the pay increase. Surprisingly, the salary of the Albany lawmakers has not been changed for the past 20 years, which makes the salary increase justifiable (M…

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