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Allen et al. (2008) researched on the offending and disposal patterns of individuals with Asperger syndrome in both mental health and criminal justice facilities. They further examined experiences of individuals who have been subjected to such systems. An interview method was used as a means of collecting data during the study. A suitable criterion was used in determining participants’ eligibility before admission (Allen et al., 2008). The results of this study, however, did not reflect the researcher’s expectations. It was discovered that only a small number of individuals diagnosed with the syndrome had offended or were at risk of offending. The given results render the accuracy of the study questionable. Allen et al. (2008), however, noted that individuals with Asperger were likely to be offensive because they were socially being misunderstood, they lacked impulse control, empathy and social understanding.
Cashin and Newman (2009) discuss some of the reasons there is a high likelihood of individuals with autism Disorder syndrome to exhibit offensive behaviors leading to a higher risk of their involvement in criminal acts. There are diverse reasons highlighted by Cashin and Newman (2009) as a cause of high criminal justice involvement among autistic victims. First, impaired social skills that cause conflict can substantially cause a high level of criminal involvement among autistic victims. Second, the study not…

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