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Leadership is the ability to offer guidance to a specific group, and some people are perceived to have better leadership skill compared to others and are chosen by their group t provide them with the guidance. There are several ways to offer leadership, but we are going to only significant on the selected two types of leadership.
First is the adaptive leadership, it mentions that there is no exercising of authority or leadership skill in this type of leadership. This just by providing a free environment for the followers to do whatever they are good at and are willing to do and not using your position to direct them to do whatever you want to be done (Northouse, 17). This includes the offering of the rule of engagement by allowing every single person to air his or her opinion including those that are considered introverts with whichever way they feel free to communicate. Weighing all the opinions then integrating them offering a favorable ruling for everyone.
Secondly is by creating a healthy leader-follower rapport. This can only thrive when there is an in-depth understanding between the two parties if not it is incomplete. The kinds of followers greatly influence this type of leadership that you have (Northouse,10). The four most influential types of followers are independent- assertive, actively engaged, and submissive-compliant and the supportive conformers. The followers are very integral in this type of leadership this is be…

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