argument research on benefits of immigration

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argument research on benefits of immigration

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Benefits of immigration
Immigration is a term used to describe the movement of people from their motherland to settle in another place or country. The most probable causes of immigration are the need to enhance economic prosperity, political issues and escape from conflicts, war or natural disasters. The recipient nations are commonly developed countries in Western Europe or United States. A large percentage of immigrants flee from their motherland in search of better employment opportunities. It implies that a big percentage of the immigrants have good technological know-how thereby increasing the pool of talent in the host nations. While the donor countries suffer brain drain, the recipient countries benefit from increased skills due to innovativeness and excellent utility of enterprising and entrepreneurial skills from the immigrants. The economy of the host country is thus significantly improved. Working for longer hours and getting low wages is exploitative to immigrants but most nations utilize it to boost their economy (Greenspan). This essay uses logical methodology and examples of production-function illustration of the technologically advanced countries to scrutinize the impacts of immigration. It explains that immigrants are not burdens to the host country economy and workforce. It further, emphasizes on cultural diversity, economy, enriched living standards, skillful and younger personnel on the labor market as the benefits of imm…

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