Appraising Evidence Based Practice (MH Nursing)

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Appraising Evidence Based Practice (MH Nursing)

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Delivering Healthcare in America
The healthcare in the United States has changed today due to the new technologies that have been introduced in the health sector. The healthcare system has been expended to ensure that the patients get the right medical care and quality healthcare in all health institutions. Quality healthcare is nowadays achieved in the hospitals, rehabilitative care and many other places. The expansion in this sector has made it easier for patients to receive the quality treatment that they desire. The healthcare delivery was introduced to ensure that patients get an affordable health care within the sector. Some factors including the reduction of healthcare cost in the health industry and the length of time that patients take in hospitals while awaiting treatment have been discussed and solutions implemented.
Key Words: Healthcare delivery systems
Nurses in the United States and many other parts of the world have had an issue when it comes to reporting abuse at the work place. Ethical factors have been cited as the main reason for many nurses failing to report these abuses. Some of them normally claim being threatened as another reason for their failure to acknowledge the abuses at work. Despite these facts, abuses at work normally affect quality service delivery in the hospitals. The article explores the factors that lead to abuses at the work place, which students might report to the relevant a…

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