Applying and Sharing Evidence to Practice.

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Applying and Sharing Evidence to Practice.

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Proper oral care is important for non-ventilated patients in hospitals as it helps to overcome the possibility of a person acquiring NV-HAP. If proper oral care is not undertaken, the bacteria remain in the oral cavity and are likely to cause diseases as time progresses. Nurses face barriers like staff knowledge gaps, challenging patient behavior and resource constraints while trying to adopt a systematic high-quality oral care schedule. Oral care can affect the self-esteem of individuals, and therefore the nurses should take it with a lot of seriousness. Nurses burnout is a problem of for many health institutions across the globe. Burnout leads to a reduction in the energy of nurses that stems from being frustrated by the leaders, lack of motivation, and emotional exhaustion leading to low efficiency of nurses. It has been caused by a shortage of medical experts in the health sector that results from high turnovers rates. Consequently, there has been a decrease in the number of skilled nurses thus leading to an increased workload.
Keywords: NV-HAP, oral care, burnout

Applying and Sharing Evidence to Practice.
The findings of the study indicate that there was an improvement in the comprehension by the nurses on the relationship between eating, drinking, and swallowing and provision of regular oral care. It is because the staff was already aware of this relationship even before the introduction of the education intervention program. There was an improvement…

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