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What challenges me the most and how I have worked to overcome this limitation.
One of the most serious challenges that I met while at the university is cultural differences, to be specific, changing my thinking mode to critical thinking. In China, the high school education emphasized imparting knowledge that is essential, and the general study mode of students is merely accepting the knowledge that is taught by teachers and complete exercises that are required. Students are used to “compliance” rather than “challenge”. For example, when I consider the historical events, students are required to remember the cause and result. The students lack the analytical thinking. The advantage of Chinese education is that it causes the students to learn quickly. However, the demerit is that students become weak in critical and creative thinking.
Therefore, it was difficult for me trying to apply the critical thinking skills while studying. To enhance my ability of critical thinking which is helpful to analyze, evaluate and apply information more well-found, and independently, I came up with a routine for my study. While reading, I first understand the topic and the author’s purpose for writing (Carter 64). I then highlight the main points, and sub-points emphasized and the researchers mentioned. Other questions I ask myself are whether the text was easy to read and whether the authors’ goals were accomp…

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