animal in captivity

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animal in captivity

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Animals in captivity
Animals are always subjected to captivity by human beings. They at times treat them as pets while others keep them in their homes just simply for food. Animals do have their rights, and this is something that human beings have always tried to make sure that they get to avail to the animals. Captivity of animals takes place in a simple format such that humans get to store animals in their lands; though they could be kept solely for them to be food or rather just to be a friend of humans.
Positive impact of having animals in captivity
Protection of endangered species in captivity
Captivity of animals is usually more advantageous to the very species of animals. This is usually so because when they are in captivity, they have a guarantee of a home, meals and even a security guarantee. This way the animals can reproduce and even remain secure to live longer and maintain that rare species on land for longer as such.
The species of animals always require to be secure to avoid being hunted by poachers considering the increase of the habit of poaching across the globe. They are sure that they will be secure in the hands of the host. Animals of this nature are usually secure whenever private individuals host them since they will be making sure that they undergo the best conditions of security that is possible. Animals are usually interested in making sure that at any one point they are secured by the humans. The Animal…

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