An Issue of Ethics

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An Issue of Ethics

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Ethical Case Analysis: Case of Apple Inc. Company
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Apple Inc. Ethical Case Analysis
Apple Inc. is a multinational corporation which holds millions of private customers’ record. The company has an obligation first to serve the interest of its customers including information privacy. It is paramount to engage in business relations in an ethical manner especially in handling customers’ information. The privacy of customer information involves an ethical observation by the corporation to preserve and protect all personal information against third party usage (Goel & Ramanathan, 2014). Apple Inc. provides for the policy against sharing or disclosure of clients’ information to third parties. The central focus of this essay is to critically analyze an ethical concern scenario involving the sale of private information to a third party by Apple Inc. company.
Ethical Scenario Analysis
Apple Inc. engages in a business that necessitates the acquisition and safe custody of the customers’ personal information. The information enables the corporation to keep a close watch over customer activities allowing them to meet the market expectation. The disclosure of such personal information to a third party is principally a violation of the contract terms between the customer and the company (Beets, Lewis & Brower, 2016). The company is thus obligated to maintain the privacy of their customer database to protec…

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