America in Vietnam

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America in Vietnam

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America in Vietnam
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America in Vietnam
The Vietnam War is perhaps the most misunderstood event in American history. Despite the numerous studies and reviews that have spanned nearly half a century, it is still difficult to understand the intended purpose of America’s participation.Comprehending why the US joined the conflict and the intended gains is a constant question among most Americans.Was it a just conflict? Herein, the paper provides a brief discussion on the theory of Just War and whether it guided America’s involvement in the Vietnam War. Additionally, the paper will present a brief speculation of how things might have turned out if the US did not join the Vietnam War.
The Just War Theory
Formulation of the just war theory as we know it today has spanned centuries. Historians and philosophers have been at the helm, shaping and molding the constituents of this concept. While discussing the morality of war, this theory divides those realities into two.These two assessments follow the reason why nations go to war and the manner in which the war is fought. The pioneers of this theory used Latin terms to distinguish between the two judgments. As such, the term jus ad bellum translates to the justice of war while jus in bellois justice in war CITATION Wal77 l 2057 (Walzer, 1977). In simpler terms, the former focuses on whether the war is fair or not while the latter on the conduct of war.The major ideologies of jus ad…

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