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Most passengers boarding an airplane are apprehensive regarding the possibility of an air crash. Hence, different airliners and policy makers of aviation safety always try to reduce such apprehensions across the prospective fliers. One such measure is to increase the awareness of such stakeholders on aviation safety by highlighting the probability or possibility of dying due to an airplane crash. An article published in the Elite Daily by Haltiwanger (2015) highlighted that the probability of dying in an airplane crash is one out of every 5.4 million passengers. The author considered the past incidences of air crashes within a specific timeframe and divided the same by the number of flight journeys.
In another article, Barrabi (2014) reported that the risk of dying due to an airline crash is one out every 11 million passengers. The probability of dying due to an airplane crash as reported by Barrabi (2014) differed significantly from that reported by Haltiwanger (2015). This is because the timeframe considered by Haltiwanger (2015) was one year more than that of Barrabi (2014) and during this period there were two airplane crashes that increased the probability of dying. In fact, the probability of dying due an airplane crash as reported by Haltiwanger (2015) was almost twice than that of Barrabi (2014). Both these articles endorsed on the safety of an aircraft and tried to reduce the apprehension of prospective customers. The authors of both these articles tri…

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