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“Amazon in advanced talks to put its coveted HQ2 in Virginia, just south of D.C., Washington Post reports”
According to an article on the Chicago Tribune (O’Connell and McCartney 2018), The Washington Post reported that Amazon recently held discussions on the possibility of setting up a second headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. The reporters state that Amazon intends to open a branch in the Crystal City area of Virginia. The discussions involved how much time it would take the company to move employees to the new headquarters, the buildings that it would occupy, and the way through which the decision would be passed on to the public. Amazon has had discussions on opening up offices in other regions such as northern Virginia, but the discussions on opening an office in Arlington were more detailed (O’Connell and McCartney 2018). The city’s largest real estate developer has already pulled a number of its buildings off the lease market, a move that signified that Amazon’s move would occur soon, and would be within the Crystal City area.
I agree with the proposed move by the company to open a new headquarter in the Crystal City area since the move will expand the market reach of the company and increase the development rate of the region. Virginia stands to largely benefit economically if Amazon sets up a base in the region, mostly from the many employment opportunities that the new offices would create for the residents of the region…

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