Alert Fatigue

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Alert Fatigue

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Alert Fatigue

Alert Fatigue
As healthcare advances father, several clinical decisions have to be made to ensure that the patients are attended to. These closet clinical decisions form commonplace but are always hard to detect. One of the ways is by putting the patient and clinician interaction through the use of new methods of information technology. The use of alert has proven to be crucial for the nurses who are taking care of the patients. However, there are cases of alert fatigue. This takes place when a nurse fails to attend to, and an approval patient ignores or actual objects that they should attend to.
Possible Solutions of Combating Alert Fatigue
As the healthcare system increases, the use of computerization to handle various activities and technology has helped the medical system by making issues that were sophisticated quite simple in a clinical environment. However, leaning towards the computers has presented a massive threat to patient safety. Alert fatigue refers to how busy the clinicians become desensitized to the safety alerts (Miliard, 2014). As a result, they get to ignore warnings or fail to respond appropriately to different warnings. This phenomenon has increased due to the increased number of alerts because healthcare technologies generate most of them. Electric bells have several consequences. As a result, some of the ways of avoiding fatigues include increasing the specificity of the alert through reducing or eliminating in …

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