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ALDI China

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ALDI China
Western supermarkets chains such as ALDI are trying their best to fit into the Chinese retail market. The Chinese people are believed to develop an increasing interest in imported food. The high interest is being motivated by the high population of middle-class in China, the high rate of Chinese people traveling to western countries and the concerns the Chinese have about the quality and safety of the local products. Various research conducted on China’s retail market has identified the Chinese retail environment to be a challenging field of business predominantly for the “big-box stores.” Business in China mostly for the supermarkets has reached the level of being conducted on “online-only.” Significant supermarket entrants in China are focusing on attracting their consumer’s attention to shop via online methods (websites) only on online (Cahill, 2017). Costco is the most recent major supermarket to adopt the online shopping methods; it has been practicing online sales since 2014 and has managed to gather consumers from various locations. However, the idea of online shopping is a practice that confines investments and risk but does not necessarily guarantee big sales (Chatterjee, 2017).
China is known globally as the most extensive e-commerce market in the world. China’s citizens who are considered as consumers in the chain of r…

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