Aiden Carter Reverse Timeline

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Aiden Carter Reverse Timeline

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Aiden Carter Reverse Timeline
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Aiden Carter Reverse Timeline
Childhood Age
Throughout his childhood, Aiden suffered emotional abuse perpetrated by his parents. One such particular event occurred when he was only nine-years-old. As he was playing with his plastic army soldier dolls, his father accidentally knocked one over and almost tripped on it. His father yelled at him for apparently failing to take care of his puppets. He smashed some of the toys and tossed him into the wall. When Aiden began to weep, he grabbed and dragged him to the corner of his bedroom. He called him a loser, a statement that contributed significantly to the psychological problems that Aiden suffered during adolescence. Aiden’s parents unquestionably appear disturbed. The most appropriate intervention that could have changed the course of events, in this case, was first to address the parents (Lane, 2014). Aiden’s parents should have been encouraged to seek counseling help. Pecora, Sanders, and Wilson (2014) assert that parents who abuse their children tend to be low in discernment. Therefore, any form of therapy, which undertakes that insight will be valuable. In the case of Aiden’s parents, a non-verbal treatment that soothes their hyperactive emotional functioning would be critical.
Adolescent Age
At the age of sixteen, Aiden appears to be receiving antidepressants desired to boost his mood. As opposed to merely prescribing medication,…

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