African American Cinema Flyer Revised

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African American Cinema Flyer Revised

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African American Cinema Flyer
Summary: African American Cinema
Creating films and movies are one of the best ways of speaking to people. Films are common and one of the most known forms of media entertainment in the world. When one is creating a film, the main agenda is to communicate a particular message to the audience. America has come a long way with numerous historical events such as the assassination of presidents, the cold war, the World War I and II, among others. However, the most widely discussed events that will forever remain an important part of the American history are the issues of slavery and African America movements in the 19th and 20th centuries. Therefore, this summary focuses on the history of the African American cinema and why the area is significant for the film industry.
First, the historical aspect of the African-American cinema represents a callous period for repression, racism, and struggle distinguished with film scenes of endless hope, joy and artistic spirit (Diawara, 1993). Until lately, the focus on “separate cinema” was restricted, if not entirely ignored, by researchers and writers. The uphill struggle by the black performers and filmmakers, to achieve respect and acceptance, was a repulsive plot on the different pages of the history of film. Essentially, the struggle for recognition by the African Americans can be traced back to over 100 years ago. During this time, films based on race were closely a…

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