Adaptive Learning Presentation

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Adaptive Learning Presentation

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Adaptive Learning Presentation
Part 1: Rationale for Selection and Justification for Adaptive Learning
Adaptive learning is an online learning system that is computer-based and adapts the presentation of educational materials in harmony with the learners’ performance. Best-of-breed methods capture fine-grained information and utilize learning analytics to allow for the human tailoring of results (Kolb & Kolb, 2005). The related learning management systems (LMS) offer comprehensive documentation, tracking, administrative and reporting progress, as well as user management. Essentially, the high demands within the educations system and the high diversity of students has made it necessary to adopt different technological advancement within the system. In fact, the adaptive learning has been the take-off adaptation for a much-needed transformation in the area of education, in which the classroom setting tries to cater for the varied students’ needs in the same class at a given point.
Most importantly, the education system has undergone numerous transformations within the last few decades. However, adaptive learning has particularly been important for the way it has been carried out and how significant it has been in improving the performance of students within the education system. The reason for choosing adaptive learning as a topic of focus is because of the unique needs that students have in the education sector. Since there has been the un…

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