ACSM Position Statement: Nutrition & Athletic Performance

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ACSM Position Statement: Nutrition & Athletic Performance

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According to (Beck, et. al, 2015) a planned scientific nutritional strategy enhances the capability of none-lite runners to finish a marathon competition by running faster as compared to a self-chosen nutritional strategy. There are various dietary intake strategies that seek to enhance the performance of an athlete. These strategies include maximizing the intake of macronutrients, micronutrients, and fluids. The composition of these nutrients and spacing between each intake is critical towards the performance of an athlete. (Beck, et. al, 2015) emphasizes that each athlete needs a customized dietary advice as the dietary intake varies with the type of sport, individual goals, food preference, personal strength and endurance. Therefore, a customized dietary intake will take into account all these factors hence augmenting one’s performance.
The article recommends that athlete should maximize the glycogen stored in the muscles before a strenuous exercise as this will delay the onset of one becoming fatigue. A period of 24 hours is considered sufficient for one to maximize on glycogen stored in the muscle (Beck, et. al, 2015). Carbohydrate intake during an event helps in the prevention of hypoglycemia and also maintaining high levels of carbohydrate oxidation. High intensity training will require high level of carbohydrate as the oxidation increases. For instance, a marathon of 2-3 hours a…

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