ACSM Position Statement: Heat Illness During Training

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ACSM Position Statement: Heat Illness During Training

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Exertional Heat Illness
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Exertional heat illness affects athletes during periods of a prolonged period of physical exercise and leads to athlete withdrawing from the training or collapsing after or during the activity. The effects result from exercise-related reasons such as exertional heatstroke, heat exhaustion, and muscle cramping. Some people are more prone to EHS, but it can also affect healthy participants. Usually withdrawal or collapsing results from heat stress and fatigue. EHS can be hazardous hence it needs to control through application strategies.
The findings of this article reveal that there are complex challenges that face athletes exercising during hot environments since athletes are differently affected by high-intensity exercise, especially in hot-humid climates. EHS is a condition that results when an athlete collapses during or immediately after a workout and can be resolved using symptomatic care and support by oral fluids. Additionally, exercising in hot and humid environments also results in muscle cramping in athletes. If not detected and controlled, EHS leads to morbidity and mortality in affected athletes. As a result, early recognition of the condition is essential as it can help reduce the mortality and morbidity of EHS. As Armstrong et al. (2007) cite, although they might appear to be similar EHS and severe temperatures the two differ in that EHS results from on-site evaluation which is not the case with ha…

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