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About the immigration

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Article Review on Immigration
Various situations lead to people immigrating. It may be due to war, political struggle, poverty, hunger or any significant or natural calamity affecting an individual nation leading to its citizens immigrating to foreign countries. However, there are immigration policies. According to The National Immigration Forum (2015), immigration policies in one way or the other affects all the aspects of the society.
Immigrants play a vital role in the life and growth of various nations involved in immigration. They contribute $10 billion annually to the United States country’s economic growth. For instance, on September 11 terrorist attacks in the U.S, immigrants have been a target of discrimination and suspicion. The article affirms further that, even if the country needs to be defended, there is a clear and vital need for equality and freedom to its citizens no matter their origin.
There were certain key principles supported in one of the leadership conference held on civil rights. A path to permanent residency was emphasized to the immigrants. The hardworking immigrants were encouraged to come out of the shadows and regularize their status. Another principle that was supported at the conference talked about a firm and fair enforcement. United State’s immigration policies need be consistent with humanitarian values and treat all individuals with respect and dignity.
Also, there was a…

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