A Proposal for a Themed Film Festival for Students

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A Proposal for a Themed Film Festival for Students

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A proposal for a Themed Film Festival for Students
This paper encompasses a proposal for a themed film festival to be conducted for students. In this excerpt, the primary audience is students, and therefore the theme is tailored to cater for educational purposes. The proposal also identifies and explains the theme and justifies the rationale behind its focus. The central theme which the proposal is oriented towards is the theme of culture and race. The three chosen movies are analyzed, compared and contrasted to see the relation to the theme. The three films selected are the main events of the festival and therefore mean that they are the center of focus in the festival. Moreover, the process of individual film analysis involves. Cinematography, music and sound, narrative, editing, history, genres and the film theory. The excerpt also explains the need for the students’ examination of the movie’s themes, the things that the students gain from watching the movies, the knowledge obtained and also the importance of the films.
Keywords: film, festival, theme.

A Proposal for a Themed Film Festival for Students
In every film festival, there must be specific themes that must be put across to the audience for different purposes. This is because different themes are used to portray unique and various messages. The hosts of the festival usually design and plan the whole of the festival depending on the type of theme; from costumes to artifa…

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