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writing on number 4

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The Rise of Nationalism
Nationalism is a sense of identity to a nation with a common language, shared culture and is historically connected. Nationalists are proud to be associated with their nations. The rise of nationalism was due to the desire for equality, freedom, democracy, and the affiliated political reforms and revolutions that arose due to people’s voice. People sort to identify with their nation which threatened the boundaries of states across the globe these led to the rise of world war two. This paper focuses on the rise of nationalism across the globe from the 19th century.
Germany creation in Europe is the best example of rising nationalism. Many minority groups spoke different languages, but a law in 1876 defined the official language as German. Germany faced challenges to achieve nationalism but after enacting the law it achieved these. Many states faced different challenges due to many minority groups with other national languages and different cultural practices, but this didn’t deter their efforts to achieve nationalism. These nations included Italy, Great Britain among others across the globe.
From the French revolution came the modern nationalism. French revolutionaries believed on the importance of nationalism above any other element in societies. Early in the 19th century various parties like write…

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