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Category: Informative Essay

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Level: College

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Journal Entries
Journal 2
December 20, 2015 – ENTRY 7: Prewriting of Description and Narration

Fishing Picture
Describe: The photograph shows various things. In the background, there are green trees, river, green scrubs, and green grass. The main focus of the picture is the happy young boy, with a fishing hook that has caught a small fish. The boy wears a blue jeans trouser, with a red t-shirt that has a black stripe and a white circular mark. Fishing involves the hearing of the flow of water, and also the chirping of the birds on the surrounding trees. Fish has a unique smell; however, the surrounding air provides clean and fresh air. Fish has different textures. The tilapia fish is typically rough because of the scales while the lungfish is soft because it does not have scales.
Compare: Fishing makes me as happy as a lark; because I greatly enjoy it, and it enables me to relax after a period of studying or working. Fishing means the world to me because it gives me joy, relaxation, and peace of mind.
Narrate: The fishing scene took place near the ranch of my uncle in Texas. My uncle loved fishing, I regularly accompanied him in his fishing sessions, and thus I developed a love for the activity. The primary participant in the picture is me, and I was aged eight years. My uncle congratulated me for catching the small fish. I was jubilant because I succeeded in catching the little fish.
December 21, 2015 – ENTRY 8: Description and Narrat…

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