Writersociological imagination’s choice

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Writersociological imagination’s choice

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Writer Sociological Imagination’s Choice
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The concept of sociology is a branch of sociology delineating the impact of the life of an individual upon the entire society. It may seem that society conditions the social beings but as an element of sociology, people are equally responsible to shape the nature of society. Sociological imagination is developed by the eminent American sociologist C. Wright Mills. According to him, sociological imagination is a relationship between the wider society and personal experience with vivid awareness (2000). Sociology portrays any concept or pattern noticed in society in a much generalised way. To be more specific, a problem in public or private life contributes a feature to society and afterwards society tends to understand the individualistic effect in general. But, with that effect of individualistic problem does not confirm to represent all aspects of that problem. For example, depression in person’s life may be caused by experiencing something painful or bad but it does mean depression in general would be the result of bad experience all over the society. A depressed person with no such bad encounter in life cannot be explained sociologically as the approach of this field is always some kind of holistic (Kebede, 2009). As for this paper, I would like to consider my specific case of life and in regards to entire society.
I have lived my life mostly on societal welfare and as being financially…

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