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Writers Choice, (any topic about javascript)

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JavaScript is a language for computer programming that is object oriented and is used facilitates interaction within web browsers. JavaScript is mainly employed in browsers to provide client side functions in most web applications. With recent developments of an open web operating system, developers have been given a chance to create services including maps and advertisements. Services and applications can take advantage JavaScript utility foundation libraries. These libraries give utility for string, object, and array processing, Accessing web operating system services, creating error and class objects, Asynchronous processing and many other programming functions. JavaScript help in powering synergy connectors, furthermore, services of JavaScript strengthens web operating system enabling background processing and adds new features like; access to filesystems, low-level networking, and processing of binary data to the web operating system technology stack. The services provided by JavaScript are essential because they enable; faster performance offloaded processing and shared processing (Oracle.com, 2016).
While JavaScript provides a platform for useful functions, most of these web applications may use the JavaScript codes from untrusted third party sources. These untrusted JavaScript sources may expose Application Program Interface (API) to corru…

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