Writer’s choic Examining Your Community’s Source of Energye

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Writer’s choic Examining Your Community’s Source of Energye

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Use of Renewable Resources Rather That Non-Renewable Resources
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The use of renewable and non-renewable resources is a subject that is open to discussion all over the world. There are so many questions raised as to why people have not adapted the use of renewable resources in the provision of energy requirements. The continued use of non-renewable resources is dangerous to the future generations. Various communities should be encouraged to change their norms and start to use renewable resources that are naturally regenerated to safeguard the future. Fossil-based fuels such as oil, natural gas and coal are currently the largest provider of the world’s energy consumption. For instance, in the USA, fossil-based fuels provide for about 85 % of the country’s power requirements, (Gray, 1999). This situation is threatening to the future needs for power. We all understand that if the consumption of these resources is not regulated then at one point in future they may get exhausted. The conserved oil gas and coal at the current consumption rate is approximated to last for the next 46 years, 58 years and 118 years respectively, (Pimentel et al., 2002, p. 1117). These approximated uses changes every year, and it only remains true if there will be no future discoveries of oil reserves or other non-renewable energy sources.
Implementation of the transition to use of renewable resources.
There is a need for a change from high consumption …

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