World religion Buddahisim

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World religion Buddahisim

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Religion is worship of and belief in a supernatural power especially, individual gods or God. A particular religious conviction is defined by definite features of a group of believers. These features include sacred books, worship, rites, proper prescription, sacrament, interdicts, dogmas, or organization. The widely held religions established based on extraordinary antiquity of a country, a wise man, or a prophet who imparted an epitome of life (Levy & Razin, 2011). World religion refers to a religious system of belief which has turned out to be generally known as having autonomous status from other religious conviction, but that may have numerous, occasionally mutually antagonistic denominations or sects. Some of these religious faiths include Christianity, New Age Spirituality, Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism (Shinn, 2016). Therefore, this paper will discuss Buddhism.
Buddhism started in India and continued to be among the leading world religious conviction in the East. Buddhist notions have indeed been persuasive on western culture, mainly in nonviolence and meditation concepts. “The Buddha’s teachings emphasize personal practice and adherence to moral principles above any kind of dogma” (Liusuwan, 2017). Buddhism does not take in the idea of worshipping a God, and therefore some individuals do not perceive it as a religious conviction in the normal way. Buddhists don’t reverence an image anticipating spiritual or worldly favors b…

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