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Intercultural Sensitivity and Positive Intercultural Relations in the Workplace
Intercultural Sensitivity and Positive Intercultural Relations in the Workplace
One fact that can not be denied is the plurality of the society. Naturally, the society is a diverse place composed of people from different cultural backgrounds. This is also reflected in any workplace in which there are people from different cultural, social, political, racial, ethnic, geographical and national backgrounds. However, since each of the employees seeks to serve one purpose of accomplishing similar organizational goals, they need to work cohesively as a team regardless of their cultural differences (Sizoo et al., 2005).
To attain this, all employees need to foster a spirit of sensitivity, awareness and responsiveness to other cultures. Intercultural sensitivity is a very important practice that should be encouraged in the workplace. Everyone should establish and maintain a positive cultural relationship in the workplace. They should not use their differences as a divisive factor. Also, no culture should be treated with contempt because all cultural practices are important to those who believe in them (Bi, Birnholtz & Fussell, 2014). So, it should be upon everyone to understand, accept, appreciate and tolerate another person’s cultural traditions at all times. Any form of prejudice or discrimination can be harmful to the prosperity of an organization.

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