Working the line

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Working the line

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Working the Line
David Taylor is an artist who has been doing photography along the United States and Mexico border. He has kept several pictures of his work. While doing his work, Taylor has used several compositional elements in his photos. These elements are the factors or rather characteristics that make a picture. They are distributed among his photos. The first element used is depth. This in simple words is the distance from the observer separated in background, foreground and some options middle ground. This creates attraction of the viewer, and he or she finds the image compelling to look at. A good example is the picture of the fence along the border. That particular photo clearly shows that the artist was at a far distance from the fence itself. The photo also shows the fence from the United States side and also the Mexican side.
Another element is shown in this photos form. There are some photos that show the 3-D length. Colour is another composition element that is clearly shown by almost all the photos taken by David Tylor. There is a photo showing the detention hall that is purely white. Light is also another type of composition element that has been used. David Tylor in most of his photos chooses to use natural light that creates a certain mood in the photo and brings several key elements within the frame. The moment has also been used. This where Tylor highlights several things within the frame of a photo to try and emp…

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