Workers Voice And Unions

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Workers Voice And Unions

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Question 1.
A workplace is a communal point from which people work together. From my point of view, workers do need to have a right to express their ideas and voice any form of complaints or needs that they need to be met by the management. Complains arising from the workplace could be brought about by fellow colleagues or from the management docket. Without a voice, such as strikes, workers have no ability to voice their concerns or ideas, which goes to show that a voice in the workplace is a fundamental human right (Freeman et al., 2007).
Question 2.
That is an indisputable, yes. Unions are relevant and have always been. They are a voice for the general public workers by protecting their rights and welfare (Budd, 2017). Unions have played a big role in ensuring that workers become organized and are recognized by the larger stakeholders in the big organizations. In addition, the unions have always played the major role of advocating for better wages and better working conditions for workers and at the workplace and in effect, give the workers a voice of their own. Generally, they decry the recognition of workers as a vital section of the economic sector.
Question 3.
Unions have been on the decline in the United States since World War II. About half a century before the Great Depression, union movements for organized labor had failed in the task of organizing the incredibly large number of workers there were at the time. These workers were in mass production industrie…

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