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An integrated manufacturing system consists of a manual and automated production line. The manufacturing process occurs in phases ranging from the assembling and storage of materials to the production of the final product. However, good manufacturing systems should be efficient in the delivery of the final product as well as providing efficacy production lines. The production line is a series of workstations that allows the passage of products from one series to another with each workstation adding value to the product (Groover, 2007). The paper aims at exploring the manufacturing process of deck tables.
A deck table is obtained through woodworking manufacturing processes. It can be used for different functions whether at home or offices. A deck table can be designed as a picnic table for two where there is a table in the middle, and two chairs are attached to it. The smaller the size the faster it is to manufacture. Another type of deck tables is the poker table that can be used to play cards and other poker games. It is a round table that can accommodate 5-6 people depending on the size. Moreover, the kid’s picnic table is a little bit wider and has a smaller height to allow kids to use it for their meals or reading during picnic activities. It is a portable table fully designed with side benches that can accommodate a limited number of people depending on the…

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