Women Stereotypes

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Women Stereotypes

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Women’s Beauty Stereotypes in the Workplace
To no one is a secret that men rule the world. Arguably, most of the media and advertising are biased to favor men and their standards of beauty and success. Hence, it is not surprising that mass media is rigged to make women feel underappreciated and in need of something they cannot achieve. Consequently, by imposing stereotypes of how their body should look, beauty industries and advertising do not cater to women. Instead, they cater to an ideal woman that is not often found without chemical or surgical enhancements. The representations of the body are tied to a gender stereotypes that do not closely resemble real women. Therefore, a vast number of females grow trying to attain what media have made them perceive as beauty, instead of bolstering a culture of acceptance of themselves (Siebel, 2011). For this reason, stereotypes in the workplace are a commonplace and are often more important than academic qualifications when it comes to choosing a women candidate. However, fixing this issue is not in the hands of most women but in the media and advertisement industries that often impose offensive stereotypes to women. Hence, this essay tries to address the actual state of the discussion using the tools given in class.
Pantene’s add shows a shocking truth that there exists a considerable degree of discrimination toward women in the work industry. Thus, when the advertisement shows women and men in the…

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