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Womb for Rent

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Womb for Rent. Ellen Goodman gives a comprehensive look at the issue of surrogate pregnancy in her book “Womb for Rent”. The author’s main purpose is to introduce her readers to the side effect of surrogate pregnancy which is portrayed as a source of money in the society. The issue of surrogacy as an alternative for parental pregnancy has been criticized as a way of trafficking children, exploiting and selling babies. According to Goodman both commercial and altruistic surrogacy is inappropriate and totally advocate for this form of pregnancy labeling it a way of devaluing the child-to-be and disrespect the relationship between a child and the parents.
In Goodman appeal to logos infertility among women has increased the market for women selling their children and wombs especially from the developing countries. This has introduced intentional baby market where rich women obtain surrogate internationally. This has created a wave of women freely selling their womb to sustain their lifestyle since the market for a surrogate is well paying. Additionally, Goodman paints a clear image of the negative vice that follows the act of surrogacy as unethical and immoral. Goodman argues on the issue of poverty especially for a low-income female to opt to become a surrogate mother as a way of surviving (Goodman, 2012). She further claims surrogacy to dehumanize childbirth and fails to honor the child-mother relationship.
The author appeal to pathos is based on the tone of the article a…

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