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Margaret Edson’s movie, Wit has a lot of information that it gives to its audience. The movie’s main character, Vivian Bearing is suffering from ovarian cancer, a disease that she struggles to get treatment for a long time. It is revealed that Bearing prefers her developed intellect to her heart. As a result, everyone around her thinks that Vivian is an unfriendly individual who is an introvert. The title of the movie has been chosen carefully to reveal an important quality of the character in that she is witty and carries with herself an extraordinary ability to think and use her brains to cover her shortcomings, (Ozcakir, & Nazan, 913). It can thus be said that the author of the movie decided to use the ability of her main character as the title. The hearts of the audience are softened by the drama. Wit comes as a drama that has the powerful ability to teach everyone about life and death in a heart-wrenching manner.
It is sad to imagine how a person can suffer a lot and still manages to stay calm while using her brain for comfort despite many people judging her as an introvert. A person can judge another one because they do not know what they are going through. The author gives a chance to the audience to have a different school of thought when analyzing people’s characters, (Ozcakir, & Nazan, 916). According to the author, it is important to have empathy than to judge someone based on his or her characters. Findin…

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