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Why writing is Important

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Importance of Childhood Reading
Children have always been encouraged to read books. Similarly, parents have always been advised to cultivate a culture of reading in their children. The reason for the emphasis on childhood reading is evident; it does not only help children be knowledgeable but also improves their communication skills. Moreover, it helps them become conversant with the environment around them. The importance of reading has been highlighted by Sherman Alexie and Eudora Welty in their narrations. In this regard, this essay seeks to explore how the two authors demonstrate the importance of childhood reading.
According to Alexie, reading during childhood is essential as it helps children become smart (Alexie 498). As compared to those who do not read, those students who are possessed with reading articles and stories are smarter than their counterparts who read less or avoids reading books. Alexie narrates how he used to fight with his classmates. Being Indians, his classmates were good at speaking in Indian languages but would become “monosyllabic” when talking to non-Indians (Alexie 498). However, as opposed to his classmates, he was smart and would engage in conversation with both the Indians and the non-Indians. In short, Alexie supports the claim that reading during childhood is important by demonstrating how it helps children become conversant with other languages apart from the local ones and thus help them become smart to be …

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