Why Should Student Wear School Uniform

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Why Should Student Wear School Uniform

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Why Should Student Wear School UniformDuring the years, there has been a debate on whether students should wear uniforms. Some schools in Jamaica have decided to make uniforms compulsory while others permit them to wear whatever they want. The heated discussion mainly targets the government, school principals and board of directors. This is because they are responsible for coming up with policies that govern the behavior of students. The paper discusses the reasons why students should wear uniforms.
First, having a standard dressing code helps in the minimization of social conflicts among students. Students who cannot afford the latest fashions are likely to be bullied and looked down upon by those who have the latest styles. Such situations can affect the psyche which in turn leads to depression and low performance. They may also feel insecure while interacting with other students (McDaniel, 2013). Thus, such circumstances can be prevented by wearing uniforms. Secondly, a standard dressing code reduces the financial expenditure of the parents. This is because parents only spend money on school uniforms which do not cost much. Lack of uniforms would motivate students to insist on wearing expensive clothes which would force parents to spend more money.
Moreover, lack of school uniforms would likely influence students to spend more of their time on clothes rather than their studies. Such inf…

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