Why Ordinary People Need to Understand Power

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Why Ordinary People Need to Understand Power

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Why Ordinary People Need to Understand Power
Civic education is an integral part of promoting democracy. One way of advocating for democracy is educating ordinary people on aspects related to power. Several chapters from the book American Government authored by Glen Krutz will be used for purposes of civic education. Chapter Six indicates that public opinion is the perception of a group regarding a person or an aspect (Krutz 200). However, public opinion does not always mean the actual turn of events as indicated in the last general election in the United States. For instance, Hillary Clinton was the most preferred candidate as compared to Donald Trump but after Election Day, the Republican candidate emerged victorious (Krutz 200). Chapter Seven discusses the issue of voting where it addresses registration of voters, voter turnout, elections, campaigns, casting ballots, and direct democracy (Krutz 241). Chapter Eight discusses the media regarding its limits and its impacts (Krutz 288).
Some States have restrictive laws regarding voting that inhibit registration (Regan n.p). Gerrymandering is also a cause as districts are redrawn by politicians (Greenfield n.p). Its disadvantages voters based on race, political party and acts as a strategy to secure seats for incumbents in the political arena (Oliver n.p). Illiteracy on civic power has also significantly impacted voting in the United States. Politics has been unconsciously subcontracted to…

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